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Talking about salt production in Vietnam it has to refer to salt region in Central coast. It stretches along the coast characterizing monsoon subtropical climate that has 6 sunlight and wind months a year facilitating salt production. Favorable nature has created well-known salt fields including Hon Khoi, Vinh Hao, Ca Na, Dam Vua, etc. It is a salt granary in the country... icon_content.gif

Overnight interest rates in VND soar to highest levels since February
The inter-bank overnight interest rate in VND for one week terms hit 10.17% per annum; the highest since February, surpassing the rate of between 8% and 8.3% in late October.
Vietnam debt forecast: 57.1% of GDP in 2011
Vietnam’s public debt is predicted to equal 57.1% of the GDP by late 2011, according to a report from the National Assembly Finance and Budget Committee.
Stabilising the economy as year comes to a close
The State Bank of Vietnam has begun taking measures to stabilize prices and the economy as 2010 comes towards an end.
Vietnam to import 260,000 tonnes of salt
The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development expects to import around 260,000 tonnes of salt to stabilise domestic consumption demand... icon_content.gif
NA sets high target for 2011 GDP growth
The National Assembly deputies on Nov. 8 adopted a resolution on the country’s socio-economic development plan for 2011, agreeing with a GDP growth rate of 7-7.5 percent set by the government.
Granting of salt import quotas suspended
Vietnam has decided to temporally stop granting salt import quotas for enterprises amid decreases in the global and domestic salt prices. icon_content.gif
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