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Vietnam to import 260,000 tonnes of salt

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development expects to import around 260,000 tonnes of salt to stabilise domestic consumption demand...

Granting of salt import quotas suspended

Vietnam has decided to temporally stop granting salt import quotas for enterprises amid decreases in the global and domestic salt prices.

Vietnam, US launch talks for investment treaty

Vietnam and the United States have agreed to launch talks for a bilateral investment treaty as their companies signed several deals during ...

First salt water treatment plant to open in HCMC

Ho Chi Minh City’s first water treatment facility for processing salt water into clean drinking water will come into operation next month, its investor said.

Southern salt makers reap bumper crop

Salt makers in the Mekong Delta are enjoying the best harvest season they have had in recent years due to increases...

Salt producers feel the pinch in central Vietnam

Hundreds of salt-makers in Quang Ngai Province in central Vietnam are facing difficulties in salt production and sales.

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